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Revolutionizing SME payments

Recent work and projects

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DynaFinance is a financial software enabling SMEs and private users to manage their finances and payments on their local PC.
DalliPay enables SMEs to send/receive payments globally 24/7/365 within seconds for less than 0.01$ using XRPL
project, video
Alternative Usage Cryptocurrencies for Swiss QR bill specifies how Swiss QR bills can be paid to a cryptocurrency wallet
QR-Zahlteil App is a software to scan and process Swiss qr bills
XRPTipBot BalanceView is a Chrome extension which shows your XRPTipBot Balance live including ILP deposits
chrome store
WalletTrust calculates a trustworthy score of a cryptowallet address
MoneyMessage allows users to send money by mail using XRP
Cabby is a crypto arbitrage bot operating with multiple exchanges
c#  #MSSQL 
XRPTipOverlay allows a streamer to add a tipping overlay in OBS
Doorbell is a smartphone app which allows you to post QRCodes at your doors and lets others ring you
play store
SoundReport helps video producers to declare used sounds correctly
project, Suisa

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