MoneyMessage - Send money by email with ease

MoneyMessage is an AddIn for Microsoft Outlook which allows you to append money in form of XRP (Cryptocurrency) and send it to any mail receiver. A receiver doesn't need an account or knowledge about Cryptocurrencies. The amount will be deposited in XRPTipBot which allows your receiver to withdraw at any time.

MoneyMessage has a strong focus on applications that simplify day-to-day work. People should not have to worry about technical implementations.

How does it work?

Just append a desired amount to any mail. Using XRPTipBot the amount will be deposited for your receiver. A withdraw for your receiver is possible at any time.

  1. You send someone an email with appended money. The receiver doesn't need any account or crypto wallet.
  2. After a successful transfer, the recipient will immediately receive an email from MoneyMessage with the access data.

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